Family Graffiti

From the comments section last week:

In one of my favorite parts of Westminster abbey there is a decorated
tomb of an ancient official to an ancient king of England.  It looks
very much like an old fashioned square bed with the canopy of wood. 
All around the entire front were written the words that said something
like, “live to die, die to live, live to die,  die to live”. It makes
me wonder about this man and how he accomplished that desire. I am
still learning the importance of daily participating in my own funeral.

I wanted to ponder those words, so I put them up on the white board. 

Various family members contributed additional thoughts.
Well, my husband and daughter-in-law.  That’s various!

We’ve experimented with thoughts that didn’t quite work with the paradigm. 
Enoch…Ananius  Hmmm, Enoch lived to live and Ananius died to die.  Nope.

Any additions?  What color marker would you like?

2 thoughts on “Family Graffiti

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