Fine Art Friday – Millet

The Knitting Lesson (c.1860)
by Jean-François Millet

This Fine Art Friday is a hat-tip to two friends. 

Millet is my friend Bonnie’s favorite artist.  When she talked about Millet’s art with our beloved Latin teacher, I loved just being a witness to the conversation. You know what I mean?  Great ideas flowing both ways, splashing around, and  I just want to catch some of the spray.

Knitting is my friend Donna’s favorite recreation. She has already highlighted several lovely pieces of art related to knitting. I hope you enjoy this lovely piece, Donna.

I’ve decided to highlight an artist for a month of Fridays.  Loving alliteration as I do, it will be Millet in March.  I know it’s still February.  Work with me.

3 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Millet

  1. ohhh, I had to write a paper on an artist while in Jr High. I chose Millet. I so enjoyed studying about him. Don’t ask me details now though. It’s been a long time, and now I’m old. LOL And I love to knit, though I’m not anywhere near as talented as Donna But this artwork shows a weakness of mine – that of trying to teach a young one to knit. sigh…I’ve tried. I will try again. At least 2 of my daughters know how, but only one seems to enjoy it. Thanks for the post, Carol

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