Fine Art Friday/Turning Pages


and, finally, a detailled view:

This dovetails with our reading of Bede’s The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.  My youngest son enjoys bringing his dad up to speed with our reading during the dinner hour.  We both enjoy listening to his retelling of Bede’s stories.  

Look what I found!!!  This is HUGE!

The British Library’s feature Turning the Pages        

It took about five minutes to download and now we have access to all kinds of rare documents.  I looked through the Lindisfarne Gospels and Jane Austen’s juvenile History of England.  Also available are Leonardo daVinci’s notebook, Mozart’s musical diary, the original Alice in Wonderland.  More works will be added. It is really unspeakably marvellous to be able to see these pieces like this on your computer screen.

 Oh, I am sooooo happy that we now have DSL.  This is a treasure trove of exploration.  


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday/Turning Pages

  1. This is beautiful, reminding me of The Book of Kells. I looked at the books at Turning the Pages and found Vesalius’ anatomy book that I’m interested in perusing. But we are still on dial-up. It might take a while. Or I might just have to wait.Don’t you just love it (and get that happy-dance feeling) when we find multiple connections in learning and life?!

  2. Lovely. It makes me think of Marshall McLuhan’s words from the 1970’s “The medium IS the message.”We are going to be embarking on the reading of 12 weeks of selections from Bede’s history shortly. I have been perusing it this evening and am anxious to get started. Thanks for the link to the British library. What a find!Poiema

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