Fine Art Friday – My Brother!

My brother Jim (the physician) is hands-down the most artistic of the seven children in our family.  I adored him as a child (still do) and he tolerated my puppy-dog devotion, willingly sharing his plans for the art project of the week.  He is a master designer and a wonderful executor of his designs.

Six years ago, I saw some small watercolors he painted and subtly hinted implored, begged, eagerly asked for a one watercolor of his to hang on my wall.  To my joy, my exuberant joy, a package came this week with my wish. 

The Adirondack chairs are sitting on a hill on a island which is my brother’s family’s favorite getaway.  It is an artist colony with no automobiles, a lovely public library; an island famous for its remarkable light.  They speak with such love for this place and take every opportunity to spend time there.

I have to share with you one of Jim’s most excellent projects: the cover of the wedding invitation for his wedding.  He drew a chalice.  Anyone who knows them will clearly see the profile of Jim and Kathleen’s faces in the chalice.

Folks, it’s a Fine Art Friday Feast today.  I haven’t gotten to all my usual online haunts but please, please, check these out: Maple Grove  Quiet Life Seasonal Soundings Mental Multi-vitamin .  You will be enriched by these posts, I promise.
I found the perfect spot for my treasure in our bedroom.  I can look to my right when sitting at the computer and this is my view: 

3 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – My Brother!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Carol. Chairs in twos, whether Adirondacks or beach chairs, evoke a special sigh of longing from me for some reason. I often see paintings for sale of chairs on porches, at the shore, on a deck, all painted from the perspective of the viewer behind the chairs. Even though the chairs are empty and the view is enticing, I’ve never thought the paintings lonely, just peaceful.Thanks for sharing a bit about your family. I continue to want to travel the continent to meet you! Janie

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