Full-Body Immersion

Cooking is full-body immersion: the rich contemplation of the beauty of food; the feel of it in my hands; the sound as it splutters or bubbles in the pan; the smell of it all.

Nigella Lawson, Cook, eat, Repeat

9 thoughts on “Full-Body Immersion

  1. This reminds me of a line from Shauna Niequest’s Bread and Wine: “For those of us who make our livings largely in front of computer screens, there´s something extraordinary about getting up from the keyboard and using our hands for something besides typing – for chopping and dicing and coaxing scents and flavors from the raw materials in front of us. There´s something entirely satisfying in a modern, increasingly virtual world about something so elemental – heat, knife, sizzle.”

Comments are cinnamon on my oatmeal!

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