Like Children Waiting for Christmas

Thursday 5-2-57

My Dearest,

The days seem so long with you gone – perhaps more so now than ever because we have turned our calendar to May and this is the last month to wait. Like children waiting for Christmas. And still I can hardly believe that the year is so nearly gone by.

Danny is feeling better today but acting worse!! Not sick enough to just be rocked, or sleep and cries at every little thing that displeases him. He is certainly coming along faster than Johnny! And Jimmy is lost today without his gold-dust twin. Johnny was up early today, dressed, and anxious to go. This week he even said, “Mrs. Lewis is so nice!” Quite a change of tune!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We are ruining our desk top and glass by letting Danny and the others crawl on top to watch the record player. Sand has gotten under the glass and scratched the top and glass and somehow a large corner was broken off this last weekend – right corner of desk, about 6″x8″.

David and I are going to try to start planting garden yet this week. David has been working hard on the lawn, mowing it. The girls can get supper while we work outside. Danny should let me out of his sight by tonight.

Mary Dillon brought over a pair of medium blue summer pants for you. Still a lot of wear in them. The girls went to prayer meeting. I guess they enjoyed it, but it was a long meeting, 7-9. Glad I didn’t have the children downstairs all that time. Gerrard from Argentina was there.

I’ll close for now — not any news but I’m lonesome and wanted to talk to you. So this note. Beautiful spring now – need you to enjoy it with me.

All my love,


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