Blossomed Out with Measles

Friday, 4-20-57

Dearest John,

While I’m sitting by Johnny’s bed I’ll get a note off to you. Johnny was very sick last night and this morning he finally blossomed out very red with the hard measles. Last night I stayed down here with him. He chattered in his sleep and temp was high. Towards morning it seemed to break and he rested then. 103° temp. all day yesterday. He is still feverish, but his head has stopped aching. Slept most of the morning.

Shortly after Johnny started to rest better during the night I head Danny start to holler first for you and then for me – really screaming. I hurried upstairs and what a sight when I turned on the light. He had crawled into our bed and, not finding either of us, got scared. He really snuggled up and loved me. The other night James [? usually Jimmy] had a nightmare and when I went in he jumped up and clung to me – just felt glued to me, but he soon woke up and never even told me what it was about, all gone then.

Very warm today – some thunder now so we’ll probably have a storm.

We gave the upstairs a good cleaning today – much to the chagrin of the girls as they were anxious to start coloring eggs. David is out with Marvin and having the time of his life. He said he got to steer the new diesel [tractor] for a mile on the way home from the feed mill.

We had some lovely cards from your Mother for Easter. She sent $5 for Easter things for the kiddos. The older ones have been aching for a Monopoly set, so I’m going to put the money in that instead of Easter trimmings.

I called Lennie Moss today and asked her about these capsules Dr. Friegel prescribed. Mary Rogers once used them. I took one today and they certainly give me pep and take away my hunger like magic. But Mary Rogers says that when you stop, you are hungrier than ever and your eating pattern hasn’t really changed – as you must change it if you expect to lose weight and keep it lost. And they are expensive – 15¢ a day. So I don’t think I’ll rely on them except when I feel too tired or pepless.

Storm is getting nearer and I hoped to corral David and get yard cleaned this afternoon. Jimmy and Danny will likely get the measles in 9-16 days. I could have had shots for them if I had suspected the hard measles in time. I kept thinking it was scarlatina – so much if it around. By today it is doubtful if it would help and just added expense if it doesn’t.

Now I’ll close. Johnny has gone back to sleep. He has been so good all week. Danny will be the hard one to care for – so much younger. We miss you, but pray you’ll get much done.

All our love,


8 thoughts on “Blossomed Out with Measles

  1. When she feels “pepless.” How many of us can’t relate? Isn’t it something, her attitude toward measles? Not taking any ideological stand here at all, but my mom just figured they were something to nurse us through. I wonder if some of the worse symptoms like headache and high fever lessened once the measles blossomed?

  2. Does “camp” refer to Bair Lake Bible Camp?
    I went there in my younger years – remember the new cabins. Fond memories, of your mom too as the camp cook! These letters are delightful!

    • Yes it does. That place is imprinted on us. Several of us visit BLBC after my sister Margaret’s wedding in 1994. I got out of the car and burst into tears and sobbed for about ten minutes. It was such a rush of emotion. I kept saying, “I’m not sad, I’m just emotional!”

      • I think they are an appetite suppressant, too…? I wonder if your mother is chuckling in her grave, so to speak, about the things that were so difficult then. I’m thinking of, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” But no – I’m sure she never looked back!

        You are certainly blessing me by sharing your mother’s letters here. She was certainly not a complainer, at least, that she let on about! Thank you, again. ❤

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