Blaming Daddy 2-27-57

Monday 2-27-57

Dear Daddy,

Jimmy is right here wanting to know what I’m going to tell Daddy. He is afraid that I will write that he didn’t eat his noodly soup very well — and he didn’t. I might also mention that he had quite a struggle with some beets and sweet potatoes yesterday!

And last night coming home from church, we had some unhappy youngsters because they giggled too much when Leonard Phillips was preaching and they expected a spanking when they got home. I have kept up that rule, but in the conversations last night in the back seat of the car, I was a bit startled. They blame you that they have to eat such foods as sweet potatoes and get spanked after church, etc. I was sorry to hear that, and while I tried to explain that it was not your fault, but their own, they seem to hold the grudge against you. I’m very sorry about that, especially since you are not here to ‘hold your own.’

The mail just came – a half hour early today, so I’ll have to mail this in town this afternoon. And no letter from you. After talking to you on Friday night I expected one today. Well, I have something to hope for tomorrow.

Mr. Phillips is interesting.

That is as far as I got yesterday. Today is a rainy stormy day and the temp is dropping steadily until I suppose it will turn to snow. Spring was nice while it lasted.

Now, for Mr. Phillips again. He has a winsomeness that is winning — but I wonder if some didn’t overlook that because he made several references to the few that were out to the missionary study class the night before. He was there, and was asked to say a few words, though it wasn’t his meeting at all. But the references that he made sounded as though he was personally offended, and still I don’t think that he meant that. Nineteen young people went down to Elkhart to the Youth for Christ meeting and he made reference to the fact that people should stay home and fill the wooden seats instead of running here and there to Elkhart!

His wife told me when we were talking that she hasn’t been going with him, but she guesses that she had to tame him down a little! I think that she was sensitive to the way people might take it. He certainly knows the Word and I did enjoy what he gave, especially his message on John 3:16 in the evening.

[…] I can spend a lot of time trying to scheme ways for you to get home and each time you do, I feel like such a selfish person because I realize anew how much it takes out of you to make the trip. I was laid up two days just making the trip to Kalamazoo! For the last two days I have felt so much better that the whole world looks different.

Now I must close.

All my love and the family’s too


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