Get them to do their best – 1/15/57

Wed. noon 1-15-57

Dearest John,

Your letter came yesterday just as I was on my way to the schools to visit the teachers. So I mailed the card back to the bank right away.

It was good to hear from you, and I know that if I was up until 12:30 after a busy day I would not get any letters written. Thanks so much for all that effort when I know that you were tired.

The teachers had favorable reports for the youngsters. Dorothy’s grades are good but the teacher said they are not up to what they could be. She has a tendency to spend too much time reading and not on her lessons, but what she does is quite quickly done, and she is no problem as far as discipline is concerned. David’s work is fine. Mrs. Rerick says she is so happy that he was put ahead last year, while he is not the top one of his class he is among the top. She wondered if he didn’t bring too much of his work home to do as he seemed to have lots of spare time during the school hours. She was surprised when I told her that he only brought work home once a week at most. Spelling is his lowest subject. Margaret is all roses as usual. Just can’t say enough about her. Has a disposition that will wear well all through life! While she is doing excellent work, she keeps busy and is happily adjusted, so the teacher thought she should stay where she is. I said that Margaret takes the attitude that school is one big lark and nothing is hard – I wondered if she was getting lazy habits like David was doing. Johnny is another story. He seems capable, although the class nor Mrs. Lewis are able to understand him in his speech. But he fights (literally) to be first in line for everything. But she says when he is corrected – he is a gentleman and does not sass though she is sure he bites his tongue some times! So I don’t what we can do to help him. Last night we tried making ‘s’s’ sound. But Johnny just can’t seem to do it. I wonder if we should seek trained help for that defect.

All in all we have nothing to really worry about, but we should try to get them to do their best and not be satisfied with just good. I asked about David’s play time and getting along with others. She said she hadn’t noticed any agitation, but that she wasn’t with them much of that time. She said that he likes to do a good job on his work.

In the Metropolitan I.Q. test given each year about this time all of the youngsters were a couple of years ahead of schedule. Dorothy had the average that is required at the end of 7th grade. etc. But that doesn’t indicate too much, certainly not that she could step into 7th grade work.

The sun is shining again today, but it was down to zero this morning. Really uses the coal. This hard pioneer has now shoveled 3 tons of coal this winter, and I still sleep between sheets upstairs! ahem! don’t you dare chuckle.

How’s the diet and the vitamins. Please take them, esp. if you are cutting out meals.

Oh, Yes, the Plymouth has been starting just fine. No trouble at all. I told you about the brakes going out, and getting fluid put in. And the thermostat on the furnace continues to work, and no smoke at all since you cleaned it. I’m so glad for all of that.

I have a dozen letters to write yet, and when I do that the housework goes to pot. So I guess that I will close not and give the kids pancakes for dinner. I splurged and bought some smoked herring and an avocado yesterday so we eat cheap for a couple of days. To discipline us.

Lovingly, Nellie


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