Much love, Nellie – 12/5/56

[Handwritten page]
I wrote this Wed. & forgot to mail it!

Dear John,
Mail just came and no letter from you again! Maybe you are coming home instead of writing!! Louise said Ralph had a letter from you so I know you are up & doing.

I need McCartney’s address. After all this time I must write Mary. So please put it on the enclosed card & mail.

We just made arrangements to take my Wed. night group out to carol at Froh brothers one evening. I believe that they will enjoy that.*

Wisler’s have joined the group of expectant parents.

Did I tell you that Karen Smith’s address is Nazareth Academy, Nazareth, Mich.

Busy getting ready for class tonite so I’ll close!

Much love,

*[I searched “Froh Sturgis MI” and found Froh Manor, a community for independent senior living. Quote from About Us section: “The history of this beautiful facility began with an idea of Alta Schrock, who envisioned a nursing home to be created in an empty building that was owned by Clifford and Alfred Froh.”]


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