Extreme Dot to Dot


I work to cultivate a kid-welcoming home.  As my grandkids get older, it’s not as simple as having a box of blocks and a few dolls. While I was at our fantastic local store, The Hobby Habit, I discovered something I didn’t even know was ‘a thing.’ Extreme Dot to Dot The pages are fun and challenging and time-consuming (<-in a good way).


I have the Eiffel Tower going for myself. And I’m claiming dibs on Westminster Abbey.
It’s another analog activity that doesn’t require a screen.

And on May 4th this seems appropriate:

There are many fun Extreme Dot to Dot books (aff link) here. What a great activity (in addition to drawing, clay, paint, paper-cutting) kids can do during read-alouds.



4 thoughts on “Extreme Dot to Dot

  1. I’m ordering some of these books right now!

    But you know what sort of dot-to-dot puzzles I miss? The ones that have you counting by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s. Last time I looked in the teacher supply store, they weren’t there – or maybe only the By 5’s were… But I had a vintage book like that handed down from my husband’s grandmother’s day, so it’s about 100 years old now! I made copies of the pages for my children and I think I will make some more for the grandchildren.

    Thanks for the good ideas 🙂

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