Tired and Worried


I was new at this [National Geographic journalist], this was my big chance, and I knew I was going to mess up. So, every night, tired and worried, I would climb into my sleeping bag, under my mosquito net, and I would read from my book. And, instantly, I would be in another world, a world in which, whatever happened, it wasn’t my fault.

— Candice Millard, National Book Festival Gala, September 23, 2016

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2 thoughts on “Tired and Worried

    • Yes! I just finished and gave five Goodread stars to Destiny of the Republic (on President Garfield’s assassination); several years ago I read River of Doubt (on Teddy Roosevelt’s trip up the Amazon river where he almost died). Hero of the Empire (on Winston Churchill and the Boer War) is on hold at the library.

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