Given a New Life


Three brothers loving their baby sister, Aria

::Our son led worship on Sunday. These are his words::

Over the last several months, the boys have had a ritual of kissing the baby goodnight before bed. We will all be in the living room together and they will one-by-one come through and kiss the belly and say “I love you, baby sister.”

So we have three boys and two parents that love this baby before she is born. Before we have held her, before we have looked into her big eyes, before we have seen her smile, before she can walk, before she can talk, before she can do anything that would earn our love—she has been loved.

Our Lord has done the same thing for us only on a far greater and way more awesome scale. Paul tells us in Ephesians that before the creation of the world God chose us to be in Him. This means that before we were born, before creation even, God chose to redeem, justify, sanctify, and glorify us in Jesus Christ.

[…] When we see this grace, we should respond with humility and praise and worship. We have been given a hope and a confidence that apart from God cannot be found. We have been given a new life, a new life made to glorify and bring Him honor. This is the God that we’ve come to worship this morning, so let us worship with every ounce of our being. Let us live our lives, worshiping him in everything that we do.

Rejoice with us in the birth this morning of our granddaughter, Aria!                             (After three sons and six grandsons, we are thrilled that Aria has joined our family.)


5 thoughts on “Given a New Life

  1. WooHoo! Great thoughts on what love really is….we choose to commit and sacrifice for another even when they have no ability to reciprocate!

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