Pause for Tea


This is my new favorite way to make iced tea.
It begins by planting some mint by my back door.
My daughter-in-law cautioned me to keep it in a pot.


It also involves a handful of cloves.


This jar holds 1/2 gallon. I put 8 regular tea bags or 3 family-sized bags in the jar,
along with a sprig of mint, and a handful of cloves.
Lipton is not my favorite tea, but I found some in my cupboard
and one of my life’s mottos is Use It Up!


Pour a quart of boiling water into jar. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
It will look as dark as coffee.
Remove mint and tea bags (I snag the cloves when I’m drinking the tea.)
Sweeten to your taste (1/4 cup sugar seems perfect to me).
Fill the jar with ice or water, chill, and drink.

Optional: add lemon wedges


5 thoughts on “Pause for Tea

  1. I’ve been making sun tea in a more personal size with an empty OJ plastic bottle. It works the same way but offers a more manageable-sized container. This variation looks tasty. I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. So do you still use PG Tips? And I once made iced tea in a jar, using boiling water, and the bottom of the jar just separated from the rest of the jar, with tea ending everywhere! I wonder if you have to have a certain type of glass jar for this not to happen? Anyway, I love iced tea! My daughter has a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker, and we make all different kinds, using 3 Lipton bags and rotating 2 each of ginger peach, Ceylon mango, berry, etc. Yummy!

    • I don’t have any PG Tips on hand at the moment. I’m in this USE IT UP phase where I’m trying not to buy tea until my tea supply is done. I love the black tea/ginger peach combo. That was my spring tea this year.

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