55 Photos (Quick, Run Away) of My Guys

I’m slowly posting lists of 55.

55 Photographs is a collection of places I’ve been.
55 Sustaining Verses is a collection of, well, sustaining verses.

Now I give you 55 pictures of the guys I wrap my life around.
1 husband, 3 sons, 5 grandsons (no pictures of the 6th until he arrives)

Only one girl—my sister-in-law—is included because I
couldn’t bear to omit one of the best pictures taken in the 1960’s.

If pictures of dead animals bother you, click away. Now.
My guys hunt. My guys fish. My guys eat.
Please know that I held back. And I will hear complaints
about inclusions and omissions from my sons.
I could have done 55 Field and Stream Photos.

There is no order and I didn’t count pictures per person.
I didn’t try to be fair. Fair is where you take the hogs in August.


1. Come with me on a journey


2. It should make you smile


3. What does this mean?


4. Let’s go!


5. Misty Morning’s Ebony Splendor — our beloved first pet.


6. A happy artist


7. Comforting arms


8. Joy in music


9. The prince of solemn faces


10. Samwise


11. Good stock


12. What a hoot!


13. Relaxing after a hard day fishing


14. A degree doesn’t stop the silly faces


15. Adorable


16. Hi-Ho Silver!


17. ~ swoon ~


18. Easter handsomeness


19. A cup of coffee


20. A family tradition


21. The first fish caught


22. The guys



23. His first Officiant gig



24. For the love of frogs


25. Alaska summer job


26. Backpacking


27. Faneuil Hall


28. Virtue Flat


29. Meal on the beach


30. Melt my heart


31. Howdy, partner!


32. He’s a man’s man


33.  Mama makes the best treats


34.  Anticipation


33. The rigors of archery hunting.


34. The results of archery hunting


35. Fishing with Opa


36. Yu-uhm!


37. Success on the heights


38. The Bear


39. Papa on the trampoline


38. Happy with Daddy


39. Run at life. Attack it!


40. Concentration


41. The boy who beats me at Memory.


42. Just a swanging


43. Five grandsons, and one more on his way.


44. Stinkers, all.


45. Sometimes it’s better to close your eyes.


46. On the ladder to the tree fort.


47. He loves limes. So do I.


48. A penetrating look.


49.  He’s a loveable scamp.



50. The mystery of this boy’s thoughts


51. Daddy’s home: all is well


52. Say goodbye to youth


53. Docking station


54. Coaxing a smile.


55. Was all this really necessary?


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