A Great One


What makes a man great?

A great man leaves an imprint on others’ lives so they are changed because of his input.

Three great people have made a huge impact on my life: my mom, my husband and my pastor. Impacted not only me, but many, many others. I’ve written about my mom; some day I’ll write about the man who is not only my pastor, but a pastor to pastors; but today is my husband’s birthday. It is he whom I honor with my words.

My brother calls Curt a funnel. I can see Dan’s hands angled inward—air funneling, if you will—as he describes Curt’s ability to take a lot of information (or a complex situation) and distill out of it the essence of a thing. 

Curt is a strong leader: a man men want to follow. He is kind, but candid. As a younger man, he tended towards candid, but kind. He is intense, faithful, hard-working, funny, generous, perceptive, honest, and handsome.

Happy Birthday, Curt!

To love one that is great, is almost to be great one’s self.
~ Samuel Johnson


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