Advent Wreath for the Craft Challenged


This is three weeks late, but it would be ridiculous of me to pretend I’m on time for anything. And, you know, it’s really not too late to begin this year. Because you can have this up and running in about 3 minutes.

I know, I know there aren’t the traditional 3 purple+1 pink tapers. But I’m all for starting somewhere and taking joy in where you are. And it is a lovely tradition to light the candles (only one the first week of Advent, adding one candle a week, lighting the red one on Christmas day) before we sit down for dinner. A lovely tradition noted in its absence this week, while we hosted a virus and never sat down at table.

So here it is: four white pillar candles, one red pillar, something to elevate the red candle (I used a footed glass candy dish), some cranberry garland, a tray or wide plate to put under it.

In the words of my friend Steph, Don’t miss the hush.


7 thoughts on “Advent Wreath for the Craft Challenged

  1. Really sorry you’ve been down for the count, but your determination is commendable.I LOVE your Advent Wreath.  It is perfect (complete).  I keep reminding myself that these four weeks are times of PREPARATION.  That means that EVERYTHING does NOT have to be finished at once or before anything else can begin.Sooooo, even now that you’re on the mend and feeling better, please dont overdo.(((Hugs)))Dana in GA

  2. Dear Carol,I chose all white this year, because I had them, and I put them on an oversized dark blue glass plate.  Added Christmas tree bits and tied it with a piece of transparent copper material…the colors bring me joy every single day and I LOVE seeing each additional candle adding more light to the darkness.Love you.  Praying for you to feel better.  Your wreath is BEAUTIFUL.  I especially love the cranberry garland.Di

  3. I dunno, I rather like the all white with the red in the middle.     I’m always behind too. And, we’re constantly playing catch-up with our daily advent candle wreath.   I figure its better to do something late than not at all.  Hope you fully healed from your pre-Christmas cold.

  4. Not just Papists use the pink and purple!! So do those across the Tiber, the Anglicans/Episcopalians! But I love the white and cran. And tonight, gigless for the first time in weeks, I tried to follow my own advice – about the hush. It’s there, just beneath the veneer of chaos. Heard a glimmer while we put upthe tree today. So glad your malaise was pre-holiday and is past. Bless. Love you!!!-steph

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