I’m thankful for the gloaming,

ancient hymns in minor keys,

Reuben sandwiches and Subaru engines.


For repeated forgiveness,

wood heat,

Bach’s Passacaglia,

and B.B. King. 


For sibling phone-calls,

library downloads,

BBC films,

an expanded table. 


I’m grateful for grandsons and stacks of books,

for garlic sizzling in olive oil,

for book-lined walls and long car-talks.


For basil, cilantro,


fresh limes,

toddler laughter and

blesséd uninterrupted sleep.


Truth, beauty and goodness,

goodness and mercy,

mercy and grace.   


I’m grateful for Psalms,

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes:

Wisdom for the taking.


I pray for reconciliation,

renewed relationship,

the safe return of a wandering soul.


For husband hugs and kisses,

Love you, Babe…“,

alliteration and Winslow Homer.


Declared righteousness,

Thanks be to God” and

We believe…”.


Extended family, augmented chords, lingering meals,

Scented candles, words!, and memories.


For daughters, and the sons who married them,

Nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, grand-nephews,

Extra sharp cheddar, and

The UPS man carrying boxes.


Pesto, bubble wrap, smiles that light up the whole face,

Asparagus, spiced chai, and abundant drinking water.


Cape Town, Johannesburg,

Budapest, St. Petersburg,

Ankara, Lusaka,

Harare, Krakow;

places where a piece of me resides.

I’m thankful for the death of death, for mingled tears,

For the grace to finish well,

For comfort in sorrow, the grip of hope.


Asian noodle salad, Augustine, whole wheat toast.

Reading evenings, empty nest.


I give thanks for Gore-tex, loving rebukes,

Laughter in the morning and southern windows.


For nostrils, fingernails and funny belly buttons,

For DSL, clematis, and airplane travel,

Enduring friendships,

Lively discussions.


I’m thankful for home,

a place to belong.


“Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good.  His mercy endures forever.”


(adapted from previous posts)


6 thoughts on “Thanksgivings

  1. I could relater to  so many of theses, practically all in fact. You mention some that I too am thankful for but would not have thought of on my own. And I am thankful for knowing you, Carol. You have pointed me to authors I never heard of (Jon Hassler for instance) and others I had not thought of in years (Russel Kirk for instance) and I thank you for it. I am thankful for a friend who appreciates the same things i do in music (augmented chords for instance). So for that and many other reasons I  am thankful to  know you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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