My New Favorite Christmas CD



Stephanie Seefeldt’s Cradle & Cross is the best antidote for the jangling, jarring, holly-jolliness blaring through the speakers at the mall.  Seefeldt’s dulcet tones sooth and calm; they focus on Emmanuel, God with us. Her music invites us to come and worship.

Picture snow falling, soup simmering, bread rising, candles flickering. Cradle & Cross is the soundtrack for the sacred season of Advent. When you feel frazzled and fragmented, hostage to your To Do list, put this album on.  Stephanie’s music is an infusion of peace; it will orient you towards high thanksgivings and unwearied praises. 

Here are a few of my favorite tracks:

Of the Father’s Love Begotten :: This ancient hymn is rich in incarnational truth. Stephanie’s phrasing of the medieval plainsong is exquisite.

Emmanuel, God is With Us ::  The essence of Christmas wrapped in a simple tune that a three-year old could master. Sing your kids to sleep; sing a loved one into eternity. 

Emmanuel, God is with us.
Emmanuel, we’re not alone.
Emmanuel, God is with us.
We love you, Emmanuel.

Lay Them Down :: A challenge to imitate the humility of Christ. The lyrics based on Philippians 2 call us to give away—to lay down—our rights. 

In the First Light :: Stephanie’s arrangement of Bob Kauflin’s modern classic blends her voice, a viola, and a cello. Minimal, unadorned, glorious.

Quelle est Cette Odeur Agreable/Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming medley ::   Evocative, sensitive piano solo that pairs two traditional carols.

Angels from the Realms of Glory :: Have you ever gone to the wedding of a flibbertigibbet bride? And then been shocked when a serene beauty walked down the aisle? It’s amazing what a dress can do. When this traditional carol, that formerly galloped and sometimes screeched, is clothed with a new dress the beauty and radiance of the lyrics shine. Familiar words become fresh. Stephanie’s melody brings dignity and grace to an old standard. 

You can listen to samples and purchase MP3 downloads at Amazon  and iTunes. There is no better purpose for $0.99 than to buy Angels from the Realms of Glory. If you like Fernando Ortega, George Winston, or Liz Story, you will like Stephanie Seefeldt. You can purchase CDs at


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