Eric Bibb Again


Eric doing a sound check

This was my third Eric Bibb concert.
It’s beginning to feel like we’re old friends.

Eric Bibb is a reader.
When I asked him what he’s reading,
he pulled a few books out of his backpack and showed me.

It’s still a thrill.
An internationally acclaimed musician,
in the lovely place we call The Shire.

Family friendly, oh yes!

The Joseph canyon as our backdrop

“There are places I play that are My Kind of Place…as opposed to just a gig.
This is definitely My Kind of Place.”

“Playing outdoors is a whole nother thing.
Nature has perfect EQ.”

Eric brought a friend along.
Grant Dermody is an exceptionally talented harmonica player.

Matthew, a younger harmonica player, is recording a song.

A charming repartee developed between Eric and the audience.
“We having us a good time,” Eric laughed.
“Even the Squares are having a ball!” someone yelled.
Eric instantly perked up.
“Thank you. That’s the title of my next song!”

“I like to write new songs brewed on old vapors.”

Dusk descended, shrouding us in an indigo glow.

    Eric Bibb’s version of Wayfaring Stranger is deep, rich, compelling.
“The great songs last.”

What Eric Bibb brings with his music is passion;
he is fully engaged in every piece he plays.

He promised to come back. And.
He promised to play my favorite song about reading:
Turning Pages

::     ::     ::

   In 2007 I first discovered Eric Bibb.

In 2008 we traveled six hours—through an epic blizzard—to see him.

In 2009, Eric came to us!


4 thoughts on “Eric Bibb Again

  1. Oh Carol! Did I tell you Terry finally discovered Eric Bibb? a co-worker gave him several CD’s and we have listened ever since. He is coming to a venue 3 hours from us in January and we are determined to go see him! Thanks for this beautiful post.Sandy

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