Hanging Outside Our Door


This skate makes me smile.
I’m pretty lame, and often late,
with seasonal decorations.

My next door neighbor has the seasonal thing
down pat.
Hanging pots of fuchsias,
hay bales,
and a pair of white skates I’ve always admired.

So when this artificial skate went on 75% off
clearance, I snatched it up.

I should keep my eyes out at garage sales
for a real pair of skates.

Did you ever ice-skate?

We skated at a pond up the road from us
and at the Lombard Lagoon on Grace Street.
The one on West Road wasn’t smooth,
but it was fun and close.
The lagoon had a concession stand.
But we always brought thermoses
filled with steaming hot chocolate.

Ah, the sweet pleasure of childhood memories.


5 thoughts on “Hanging Outside Our Door

  1. Have not ice skated in for.ever. but have fond memories of an 8th Birthday Party at The Igloo, an indoor rink, in April    We’re not exactly schooled in this activity in these Southern parts.BTW Did you see my FAF highlighting  The Skating Minister?  That’s about as close as I come to examining skates, as there was a portion of the text devoted to the painting thereof.

  2. I have been ice-skating exactly once, during a furlough visit to a friend in Ohio. I spent two hours falling down repeatedly on my eleven-year-old backside. Strangely enough, I thought it was fun at the time–but I never felt inspired to try it again, either!

  3. Like Dana, we had to go to an indoor rink, so we only went a few times, but I loved it.  I remember one especially cold winter my daddy sprayed water on the patio and then my brother and I slid around on the ice in our tennis shoes.

  4. today, my daughter’s favourite pastime… she has a pair of white skates (saved a number of years for it)… only indoor in our parts of the world… i love(d) it too – but am not in my daughters’ swanlike dancing league- i just go round and round & must make sure that I don’t fall …i remember envying my youngest brother: he & my mom went for lessons while we went to school; (today) I know that it was my mother that wanted the ice, movement, gliding, freedom feelings

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