My NEW favorite Christmas CD

My new favorite Christmas CD.
I don’t know how famous violinist Geoffrey Castle is.
He is well-known in the Seattle are.

Go here to hear the complete track of Ukrainian Bell Carol
and an excerpt of the Coventry Carol.
As far as I can tell, that site is the only place to buy the CD.

I’m obsessive with this one.
Which means my family gets to hear it..again…and again…
and again…and again…and again.

Think the synthesized sound of Mannheim Steamroller
(Castle isn’t synthesized, but he plays an electric violin),
the introspection of George Winston
with Joshua Bell thrown in.
That’s not quite the recipe, but I’m reaching for artists
you might be familiar with.

Perfect for a quiet evening.


4 thoughts on “My NEW favorite Christmas CD

  1. Enjoyed listening to the little bit online and am sorely tempted.  I always enjoy your posts.  It doesnt matter whether the sentences are long or short, centered or block left, poetic or narrative. You are read.

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