Simple Pleasures in September

~ My front flower garden is a simple pleasure because it makes me
smile *before* I weed it!

~ These cheerful mums replace very dreary mostly-dead May flowers.
~ There are fewer dinners al fresco, but this one was gorgeous:
sage grouse my son cooked (in the foreground)
and roasted garden veggies.
I could live on roasted beets.

~ Fresh basil for the clipping. 
It makes an amazing addition to a fresh tomato sandwich.
I like to strip the flowering stalks onto my bread.

This is so simple, I can’t understand why I didn’t think of it before.
The hydrangeas are left over from Katie’s wedding.
My husband is allergic to most flowers.
Not when they are outside. (a lightbulb moment)
They have held up well and make me cheerful!

what about you?
What simple pleasures are propping you up?


6 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in September

  1. Reviving my list of short hikes is distracting me from the summer doldrums and propping me up until the cool weather actually arrives.I’m on a roll, having stomped through the woods twice; and I figured out how to make a collage on Picasa And your transitional words last week propped me up a lot…. to the tune of golden glow hardy mums and lipstick red gerbera daisies.Best wishes a fun girls’ retreat sprinkled with safe travels!

  2. Barbecuing on my tiny little “Smoky Joe” kettle barbecue, using Jack Daniels barbecue sauce that was on sale a few weeks ago – yum! Renewing my love of counted cross stitch–making a couple of bookmarks for friends’ birthdays, and working like crazy on a birth sampler for my daughter who is due 10/28! I’m thinking that as we start this 50th decade of our lives, the simple pleasures are coming back. Don’t you think?p.s. I am afraid to ask, but must from curiosity, what is sage grouse?

  3. @LimboLady – Can you see well enough to do ccs?  I’m afraid that I won’t be able to.  A sage grouse is an upland game bird.  (One of my neighbors–originally a California city girl–says, “If it flies, it dies.” Not *exactly* true…but close!)

  4. A bowl of sliced lemons leftover from dressing up punch is sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink just so I can send one down the garbage disposal every time I walk by.  I love the burst of fragrance they send up.

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