Play List for a Young Man’s Memorial


Ahokan Farewell

I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Come Ye Disconsolate (half time)


I Want Jesus Walk with Me

Doxology (left hand octaves in G, like bells tolling, rhythmic differences)

Down to the River to Pray

Children of the Heavenly Father

Awesome God
Amazing Grace in minor key
Amazing Grace in major key
Awesome God

Homeward Bound

What Wondrous Love is This

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

I Will Arise

Precious Jewel (funky beat)

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (half time)

Band of Brothers

A blog is a good place to keep lists.  Here is the list of songs I played at a memorial service yesterday.  I chose songs that I could play out of my heart (translation: without music), not knowing how the visibility would be. 

It was a gift to be able to give myself musically to my dear friends.  When a friend experiences a loss, we all want somehow to do something to express our love and compassion.  We need to give.  A hug.  A card.  A batch of rolls.  Mow the lawn.  I was able to play the piano.  It was a sweet thing–a gift I gratefully receive–to be able to share that for my friend(s).


8 thoughts on “Play List for a Young Man’s Memorial

  1. And you played Rock of Ages [New City Fellowship melody] at the end, by request of the family.  (I had a tossing and turning night all night, and the song kept my heart where it needed to be.)  It is an edifying thing to know that the family’s feet are on that Rock as well. 

  2. Oh, Carol, so sorry for your loss.  I would love to hear these songs, several are favorites (Wayfaring Stranger, Down to the River to Pray, What Wondrous Love is This, oh so many favorites here).  I’m listening this morning to a Pandora station I created with Fernando Ortega’s Give Me Jesus and the songs are mostly piano with lovely melodies.Thank you for sharing your gift of music at the service and with us.

  3. Carol, I so wish I could meet you — you truly exemplify all that the Lord wishes us to be — a woman who has nurtured her own God-given gifts to bless others — faithfully, compassionately, and humbly.

  4. Music is truly a comforting balm and I can only imagine what a gift it must have been to those who were grieving. I’m sure those songs will be returning again and again to the hearts of those who need that comfort.

  5. Carol, I could so identify with your blog because at my father’s funeral in June my oldest son Steven wanted to do something to express his love for his grandpa. During the 3 hour visitation time he played hymn after hymn on the piano.  This was not planned, but the funeral director was kind enough to turn off the piped in music and let him do it.  Steven is not a professional pianist, but played with all his heart.  It was his parting gift to my dad, but it was also a gift to all of us there.

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