Rich Treasures

Many days I’m tired and cranky.
I’ve had it.


I need only to keep my eyes open
to see blessings, beauty surround me.

Here’s a short accounting of good stuff in June 2010.

  ~  the gloaming

~ leftover firewood when it’s needed

~ an iris soaking up rays

~ an expanding garden

more rain
“Those wandering cisterns in the sky
Borne by the winds around,
With watery treasures well supply
 The furrows of the ground.”

~ Morning tea

~ Icelandic poppies

~ nutty granola

Develop interest in life as you see it;
in people, things, literature, music –
the world is so rich,
simply throbbing with rich treasures,
beautiful souls and interesting people.  
~ Henry Miller

More Simple Pleasures


5 thoughts on “Rich Treasures

  1. Garden status: planted the latest ever in our history, June 18th!!  Oy. My. Garden.We’ve had the coldest spring ever and very wet too.  However we have strawberries, raspberries, beans, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, sunflowers, asparagus, radishes, and chard planted.  We’ll see what we harvest!

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