— Do you call yourself an agrarian?

— Not when I’m home by myself.

Two salmon-colored wing chairs on an oriental rug. 
Two very tall, lanky men:  Michael Pollan  the host, Wendell Berry the guest.

Wendell Berry. 
A charming, lovely, humble man. 
In truth, so was Michael Pollan.

Pollan got to pick the questions. 
Are you hopeful? 
Have you bought a computer yet? 
What do you think of this administration’s farming policy?
Is there such a thing as an urban agrarian? 

Wendell Berry’s words were familiar.
The importance of local economies.
Pay attention to the land.
Land economy vs. Paper economy.
The value of work.

The undisputed highpoint was listening to
Wendell Berry read a poem he had written.
No title.
The only phrase I can recall is
“the validation of beauty.”

Warm, dulcet tones,
pleasant relaxed cadences.
A treat for the ears.

The evening ended too soon, with many topics untouched.
It still seems unreal to me.
I heard Wendell Berry speak.

It was great to share the evening with friends, old and new.
Dear Rachel, who in Berrian terminology is “part of the membership”
made this possible. When asked if we were related, my answer
was “Of course, just not by blood.”
Thank you my friend for a night I will remember.

And it was a special grace to share another evening of my life
with Diane of A Circle of Quiet.  Like I knew, my family loved you.

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9 thoughts on “Wendell

  1. Oh, Carol, how wonderful!  I can almost imagine his voice.  I thank you and Di for introducing me to Wendell Berry.  His writing has influenced my life in many ways.Blessings,Sandy

  2. Sigh….. Thank you for writing down the questions. And “the validation of beauty.”   And thank Katie for not noticing the “no pictures” sign.What a night, Carol.  My mind is still spinning.  My heart is still full.Wendell is incredible, but being with you was the special treat to beat all special treats.Love,DI

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