Simple Pleasures in October

~  the glorious colors

~  The gift of a *bale* of large bubble wrap,
left on my pillow by The Man.
He really does love me!

~  Anticipation – it’s free, it’s rich, it’s wonderful

~ Pictures of the gospel in daily life.
In my job I take responsibility for problems
I didn’t create (along with all the ones I did).
It’s not all beer and skittles.
But a bright floodlight recently turned on for me:
Christ took my sins on Himself when it wasn’t His fault.
I am putting on His righteousness, which I didn’t earn.
Those pictures, ya know, are everywhere.

~ being prepared for winter
(my husband gets credit for this…
and my son who tilled the garden)

~ some lovely blogs
All three writers have much in common:
they love the life they’ve been given,
they are beyond excellent cooks,
they love making their homes comfortable,
they think,
and they are all part of my real life!!
They are my simple pleasures.

~  Lindsey at DrunkwithJoy loves bright colors,
interior decorating, scratch cooking, good words,
and her loveable husband Jon.
Lindsey is a very wise young woman.
Hostess Gift Ideas and Fat Mothers are two of my favorite recent posts.

~Rebecca at A Covenant Life has designed two houses, raised
four kids, started a line of soaps she makes,
is drop dead beautiful, rides horses
and is an avid reader to boot! Check out
The Heart and Soul of a Covenant Home and
The Anatomy of a Covenant Wedding,
full of pictures and thoughts and the
words of her husband spoken to
their adopted daughter
at her wedding.

~ Sunshine at Artistic Housewife is my neighbor!
She brings sunshine wherever she goes.
MOB (Mail Order Brides) explains why men live in this valley
and why the women who love them left the city behind.
In Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Sunshine explains why she no longer shops in her pajamas.
Sunshine. has. read. all. of. William. Shakespeare.
The. complete. works.


1 thought on “Simple Pleasures in October

  1. The leaves are peaking around here  and it’s just glorious.  We’ve had a few more gray days (cloudy) than usual, but I’m itching for my Saturday looong walk.  Drizzle and rain are in the forecast, but I may not let that stop me.I’m so tickled you highlighted Lindsey’s blog.  She really is talented on all front, especiallly domestic.  Have a wonderful time in SanFrancisco!

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