Six-Word Story

Have you heard of the six-word story?

Ernest Hemingway’s is the most famous:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

The distillation process intrigues me.
Because all that is not written captures the essence.

Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser collected
six word memoirs and published them in
Not Quite What I Was Planning.
Here are a few.

Good, evil use the same font.
~ Arthur Harris

Detergent girl:  Bold. Tide. Cheer. All.
~ Martha Clarkson

Oh sweet nectar of life, coffee.
~ Daniel Axenty

I am considering starting Six-Word Saturday.
Perhaps in September?
Six words are not so easy.

If George Grant has eleven
and Abraham Piper has twenty-two,
why can’t we (you are included) do six?

It’s great practice.

The art of reduction.

~     ~     ~

Today is my son’s 27th birthday.
For Chris, I offer two sextuples.
Bookends of your life so far.

Beyond exhaustion, strength spent.  Baby Boy!

Backlit strength, silhouetting grace.  He stands.


9 thoughts on “Six-Word Story

  1. six words: life sentence in one // six words: life in one sentence…. this is fun! September: reduced to six word story … September heading for six word story …..(just thinking out aloud for a heading for your posts in September

  2. Yes, I had heard about this 6-word thing. One of my creative writing teachers showed us a blog where anyone can post their life story with 6 words. I do like your idea, Carol…if I have any brain cells left after classes in September… Here’s my first try: CCBS. Marriage. Divorce. Education. New Life.And happy birthday, Chris! I still have the picture of my Chrissie giving you a big kiss–at age 2!

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