A Day in in the Life of some Bricklayers


Saturday 6:00 a.m.
(We got a head start Friday night.) 

This is one of my heroes. 
Our son Chris made all the custom cuts.


Preston cheered us on.

Scout, our grandson’s new project.

The end of the day.
Happy, happy.
But sore.
I have more sympathy for the Israelites.
We will be sweeping sand in the cracks for a while.


7 thoughts on “A Day in in the Life of some Bricklayers

  1. Oh, my. And now you get to enjoy it! (the best part). I have spent 2 major days cleaning out just ONE ROOM of my apt. and sweated like a little piggie the whole time. Yes, not as hard of physical labor but still…seeing the finished product is always great, isn’t it?

  2. Is the next phase enjoying the patio? what will it be? We have just finished laying an outside area (sundeck) with saligna wood … now the surrounding garden needs a bit of inspired TLC … and the decisions (and waiting) re garden furniture  

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