The Pinpricks of Life

I have a book review of Stephen Ambrose’s D-Day June 6, 1944 dangling loosely in my brain, waiting for the time to cinch it into readable form.  I took ten pages of notes in my journal. 

While I read this book I was thoroughly challenged (still am!) by the transition to a complex job.  It was helpful to read what was expected and executed by the soldiers on 6-6-44.  Let’s say it put my issues into perspective. 

Here are two quotes to launch my D-Day thoughts.

We don’t feel majestic at all at the moment.  There are too many little pinpricks in this life.  I have tried explaining to my own platoon that we’re about to make history and that one day their children will read of our deeds in the history books, but all I get are faint smiles.    ~letter before battle, Capt. Alistair Bannerman  p.162

All around him bombers were climbing, throttles wide open, using landing lights to avoid collisions.  There were some anyway; airmen said that night assembly created a high pucker factor on each seat.  p.243


3 thoughts on “The Pinpricks of Life

  1. I’m glad to read that your book reviews dont just roll off your tongue…. or stream from the tips of your fingers as you type.I have several rolling around in my head, too.  And I just.need,to.focus 

  2. Yes, he’s nailed it with that descriptive “pinpricks” phrase. I hope that after you’ve expended that initial effort to learn all the complexities of the new job, it will turn out to be a satisfying venture for you!

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