Summer’s Simple Pleasures


~  A June evening: flowers, fading light,
hand shovels, mosquitoes,
grandsons and daughter-in-law


~  In praise of perennials,
SO worth the extra money up front.

This purple and yellow plant was a 2008 Mother’s Day
gift from our church.  It  came back!  happy sighs…

~ While we’ve been pottering with perennials,
our guys have been getting wood for the winter.
They came across a nursing fawn.
Alas, the picture size was too large to post.

~  My vote for Salad of the Summer
I’ve made it a dozen times already this year.
Refreshing, tasty, a twist of heat, crunchy cashews.

~ Coming down the home stretch of
D Day: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II.
Two things about this book:
1. I’m relieved that even though I’m working FT,
I can still get through weighty books. Just takes more time.
2. However difficult or thorny a challenge may present itself,
my life is easy compared to the soldiers of D-Day.

~ Remember the Six Panel Door aka the Christian Door?
How about this architecture feature (front upper windows)
in my friend’s new house?

~ Last year I joined the 100 Species Challenge.
This is a *life* project, folks.
Jessie gave me cute little copper garden tags
which help my wispy, lacy memory.



7 thoughts on “Summer’s Simple Pleasures

  1. I share your happiness when a plant returns or flourishes showing it is happy in its spot.  We have a willow tree like that.  And my butterfly bush came back from the dead.I feel like a kindergartener, delighted with the seed that sprouts and grows.That looks like a signature grin on that infant grandson, not Preston? but (insert correct name).

  2. Oooo your perennials are beauteous!   Love those pics of your grand-boys, having summery fun!   Great phrase: “wispy, lacy memory” — I will remember that one… unless I forget!

  3. I’m preparing Ree’s Asian Pasta Salad and have a question for you.  There are 10 dinner guests.   Do I need to double the recipe?  It seems like the recipe would serve a bunch of people.Or maybe I just need to add another vegetable to the menu.  We’re having peel-your-own boiled shrimp

  4. If I could have one wish today, it would be to send you some home-made potato salad, with potatoes straight out of our garden.  May God continue to give you a joyful summer!

  5. I am planning to try that salad but need to get some baby spinach and a couple other ingredients as well. What intrigues me about Pioneer Woman is, how in the world does she find time to take and upload all those pictures and also write in the comments? I wouldn’t have the patience as well as the time. It is fascinating to read her blog which I don’t do very often just because of the time it needs.  

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