My Life is a Visa Commercial

Airline tickets:  $430
Motel: $360

Two hours with my father’s friend and colleague — all of my siblings and spouses, and several of our kids — listening to stories about my dad and mom….priceless.  Dr. Smith worked with my dad from 1959 until his death in 1987.

The wedding was beautiful, the reception was lovely, and the music went swimmingly. 

But the hallmark of this trip, I believe, will be those hours of laughter, tears, questions, revelations.  The winks and nods and fingers lovingly pointed by the spouses when a certain trait of my father’s was described.  That’s you, babe.

Priceless.  Unforgettable. 

A gift.

Bonus: my husband and oldest son shared the experience. 


8 thoughts on “My Life is a Visa Commercial

  1. Did this happen to be Dan Smith? Just wondering. I know he taught at Emmaus. He was a really good friend of my aunt’s. Glad you had such a wonderful family time!So what characteristics of your dad do you have? You know we want to know!!! Love you!

  2. @LimboLady – Yes, the very Dan Smith.  He and Martha have been absolute gems this whole weekend.  Every single one of us loves him to pieces.  Traits I share with my dad? Packrat, hoarder of books, ability to get lost in something and forget the people around me, food picker (noshing) (he used to hang out at the kitchen at Emmaus), raw hamburger eater, someone who rescues other folks’ dilemmas to the detriment of his own family responsibilities.  He once took a dog that Dan had because it scared Dan’s kids without asking my mom if she wanted to be a dog reformer. One of my favorite moments was the look that spread across my nephew’s face when he discovered that my dad (his grandfather) subscribed to Ebony magazine (for, by, and about blacks) so we would be exposed to other cultures (because our suburban life was 99% white bread).  Will is into rap and Ebony is “my people” to Will.  He never knew that about his heritage.  My dad also broke his own rules about late events on school nights and occasionally took us to black churches in the inner city on Sunday nights just to give us a taste of other worship styles.  That is maverick in the Plymouth Brethren!Dan’s wife Martha is making us an “authentic” Mexican meal tonight.  And I am hoping for more stories…    

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