Thankful on Thursday



Isaiah, the young man we’ve been praying for

Today we got an opportunity to visit with Isaiah, our young friend who has survived a 350 foot drop in a car crash, has waken up from a coma but has experienced some brain damage.  He has been making *remarkable* progress, ahead of every expectation.  What an encouragement to hear him say, “cool” when we told him how many people have been praying for him. And to nod his love back and grip hands when we told him we loved him. His mom was a gracious mediator, drawing out responses from him and encouraging us with her steadfast love. 

I asked Isaiah if I could take a picture to document his “celebratory” status, and he gave a sweet smile.  Of course, my camera futzed and missed the smile.  He is scheduled to come home in June and continue his work relearning functions like writing and speaking and walking.  This is such a praise.  Such a glorious work.  We continue to pray.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Thanks be to God.  And thank you for your prayers, my friends.



9 thoughts on “Thankful on Thursday

  1. Amazing! When I think about running a marathon, I feel overwhelmed.  I will pray for Isaiah and all involved with his journey.  Thanks for the updates.

  2. Thank you so much for the update.  Praise God for answered prayers!  Last year I read the book “In an Instant”, written by Lee Woodruff about her husband Bob’s (ABC News anchor) serious head injury from a bomb in Iraq.  She writes candidly about his recovery from the brain damage.  Bob has almost completely recovered but still has short-term memory problems and speech problems that will probably prevent him from ever returning to a news anchor position. I will continue to pray for Isaiah and his family during his long recovery.

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated – we pray for Isaiah in our morning prayer time. I will share the good news with the kids – and we will continue praying.Carrie

  4. There’s such a huge difference in outlook for brain injury victims, between those who have God and those who don’t, don’t you think? Those being uplifted before the Lord by so many people; the close community which encourages and helps the family in so many ways–they all do amazing things that we cannot even begin to fathom, but which, undoubtedly, please the Father no end. I am amazed and thrilled for you and Isaiah.

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