Lighthearted on a Heavy Day

Nellie Harper, March 23, 1920 – May 7, 1968

Emotions are unpredictable, inexplicable, impenetrable, and, ultimately, irrepressible.

Life is chockablock with paradox.  In the midst of grief, laughter.  In the midst of celebration and joy, a pang of sorrow.

For decades May 7th has been a day of private grief.  Private, because it is an awkward and unwieldy burden.  There seemed no way to share the grief without the other person feeling clumsy.  

After years, however, the crying turns to sighing.  A sharp edges of grief are rubbed away.  [Many friends have lost their moms to something other than death.  Their grief is ongoing; the sharp edges continue to cut.]

Yesterday I cried as I read Cindy’s tribute to her mother-in-law who passed away on Tuesday. 

But today…today I woke up lighthearted.  Inexplicably lighthearted. 

Thankful for the gift of a godly mother.

Lighthearted on a heavy day.  This is a new mercy. 

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8 thoughts on “Lighthearted on a Heavy Day

  1. @nettieheidmann – @dharperino – @nnjmom – @DebD – @sonskyn – @mmewhinn –  Thank you for your kind words.  Thanks for sharing in my ups and downs.  By the way, my husband usually gives thanks at our evening meal, but asked if I would Thursday. As I prayed and thanked God for my mom all the lightheartedness evaporated and I struggled to speak my thanks through the tears.  There you have the quicksilver changes emotions can bring!

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