Trader Joe’s

If I could import one store and one store alone into my small town, it would be Trader Joe’s.  Good stuff at good prices. The closest TJ’s is 4 1/2 hours away.  But I have friends and kids who always ask before they come, “What do you want from Trader Joe’s?”

Do any of you shop at Trader Joe’s?  What do you like to buy there? 

(We buy 90% of the wine we consume there ($2.99 Charles Shaw), Oatmeal stout, cranberry juice, flax, trail mix, dried apples, shower gel, spaghetti sauce, tomatoes and produce.  We would buy a lot of frozen stuff if we lived closer.)

Thanks to Laurie, one of my TJ’s shuttle-people, who sent me this YouTube.


15 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s

  1. I love Trader Joe’s!  I can get some novelty, pre-made things that have no gluten or sulfites for affordable prices.  Especially gluten-free granola.  If we are able to settle in Portland in a couple of years, I will be frequenting Trader Joe’s often!

  2. Totally great video! You know I go there all the time since there’s one in my town and several towns in the area. I love their pre-mixed salads, esp. the one w/ romaine, dried cranberries, pecans and bleu cheese; all the little square plastic boxes above the frozen foods that have English Toffee, Yogurt-covered bing cherries, Mint Dreams, etc. And then there’s Chinese chicken chow mein, ham/cheese appetizers, all kinds of veggies, all in the frozen section. And their nuts–they sell the BIGGEST cashews I’ve ever seen. My favorite, though, is their selection of flowers,which is different than anywhere else, and potted plants, cheaper than anywhere else. Yup, the Asian lilies, my favorite, $5.99 a bunch.

  3. I can’t tell you HOW many times we’ve said the exact same thing…why can’t WE have a Trader Joe’s??  I’m only about 35 minutes from one…so I have much less to complain about.  Cherry Chocolate Soy Ice cream, Goats milk, Goat yogurt, Wheat free egg free waffles, WASABI, Siblingual B-12, Indian simmer sauce, Frozen Biriyani, Vegetable Masala Burgers, Pad Thai, boxed Indian Fare, egg free dairy free mayonaise, Puffins, Pecan Granola..the list just goes on and on..I’m going down the aisles in my mind..ha-ha…It’s a great place for those of us with food allergies!  I’m seeing from everyone else’s lists here I’m going to have to try some new stuff!  LOVE Trader Joe’s!

  4. Believe it or not, but I’ve never been 😦  The closest one is 20 miles away!  Sounds like a fun field trip for when the girls come home at Spring Break.  Then!  That’s when I’ll let you know what I like to buy there.

  5. My comment vanished!I love TJ’s!  Now, I feel guilty for not going more often.  Our closest one is about an hour away.  That video is fantastic.  I would think TJ’s would post it on their site.  They must know about it.  Very well done.

  6. And here I put off going because it’s across town (maybe 10 minutes away!).  I  think it’s funny that the bulk of the stuff they have at TJs-an health food store- is junk food!  Oh, I know, but it’s healthy junk food, but still not in the budget.  I like that they have hormone free milk that is much less than the organic, since what I want is hormone free and can’t afford the organic.My favorite treat there is the pistachio toffee brittle…Oh My Goodness, what a treat!

  7. WWWWWAAAAAA!!! I miss TJ’s so much!!!  I came into the parking lot of the church last week and saw a license plate that read, “Follow me to Trader Joes” I wondered where in the world they were from. The nearest is an hour and a half away. This has inspired to be budget the gas and just go!!!!!  sniff. Thanks, I think I needed this!

  8. Hey Aunt Carol, I do most of my shopping at one of the two Trader Joe’s here in NYC and then schlep them back to my apartment via subway. I’ve never been at a store where you can visibly see how much cheaper food is compared to the (overpriced) grocery stores in the city! The prices are amazing but the 30 minute wait to check is not so amazing.

  9. Hi Carol, I hope you’re sitting down when you read this. Yes, it is ME writing a comment.   I stared at the Trader Joes and I’m pretty sure it is the one on Masonic near Geary in SF.  I have NEVER heard a commercial for them. And yes, I did hum the tune all afternoon!  We love TJs.  Earlier this year we got a request from Colorado friends to send TJ oyster crackers.  We had to try them and agreed, they’re yummy!So, love you more than TJ oyster crackers!

  10. @Polskapani –  I didn’t get who you were for a minute.  When I figured it out, I roared with delight!  One of my most favoritest people in the world commented here!  Weeeeeee!  I need to come visit you so we can go to Trader Joe’s together!  And I love you more than your comment on my blog.  I love you all the way to Trader Joe’s and back!PS – I’m either green with jealousy or living a rich, full vicarious life:  you saw Joel Salatin, Katie saw the Chieftains, J & K saw Yo-Yo….all within ten day’s time.  Oy. vey.  PPS – I’m going to smile all day!  This is like the first time the man we both love commented.  Smiled all day long!!

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