Simple Pleasures in February

The shifting light in the Eagle Cap mountains this afternoon

Close encounters
I enjoy deer a) on the grill, b) in between buns,
and c) when they are not completing the alimentary cycle in my yard.

My new favorite salad,
Asian Noodle Salad, the Pioneer Woman’s concoction.
I made it today at our friends’ house.
The score card: 8/8 tasters ADORED this salad.

I can’t wait for occasions to make this salad again.
Easter Sunday, for sure.
Fellowship Meals, check.
(your church probably calls it potluck,
but we get in big trouble if we use that word.)
When my brother and his wife come.
Every day this week.

My husband thinks if you added grilled chicken, it’d be perfect.

~ Laughter
I think “Oops!” must be my middle name.

1.  I confused nephrology (treatment of kidneys)
with necrology (whatever it is, it’s about death).

2.  Summarizing the situation, I pronounced,
“Well, it’s just time to gear up the loins.”

3.  Suggesting a brilliant possibility, I explained,
“I just wanted to put a bug in your nose.”


11 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in February

  1. roflol – it’s too early to laugh too hard at your misspeaks, but inquiring minds want to know?  Did you laugh too?I am famous for sticking my foot in my mouth…. so much so, that I can claim the ability to fit *both* feet there!!In our church, they’re called *pot providence* meals 🙂

  2. @hiddenart – oh yes, I laughed, once it registered!  I didn’t include the phone conversation I had Friday with a man I assumed to be my oldest son: “Hi hon–listen, why don’t you come over this afternoon and we can sit side by side on the couch with our laptops and figure this out”.  (We’re taking a trip with Chris and needed to coordinate our tickets with his frequent flier miles.) There was silence on the other end, a chuckle, and then the voice said, “maybe there is a God.”  Oy!PS – and I’m glad you enjoyed the Guernsey book.  Did you surprise your daughter?

  3. I have a certain quote from the Guernsey book I hope to use soon….. and yes, I did surprise DD#4.   She cried when she first saw me 🙂  It was a wonderful visit… despite the 6 inches of snow on Saturday and the subzero windchill factor temps.  You should know that I was terrified of driving it (in order to get to the turnpike), so I had DD#2 follow me on the country road in case I slid into a ditch.  My pictures arent so great, but maybe I can post some later in the week.Now… back to reality …*Hello, Cherokee Family Practice, How can I help you* :).

  4. oh, Carol, I’m laughing so hard that my children want to know what’s up!  I often say the wrong word.  Then Peter looks at me…and I know it must be wrong…so I just say “whatever..”  that’s what I get for marrying such a smart one, huh?We had a herd of deer (is it called that?) on the road last night.  Fortunately none of them ran into my car!  But I found plenty of confused deer tracks in the gravel on my walk this morning.Back to reality for me too, Dana.  I hope I won’t answer the phone “Cherokee Family Practice”!  For me, I need to get serious about my taxes…in addition to all the other juggling…Blessings on your day, ladies!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I could look at those mountains every day! (wink!) The salad sounds dandy! I will try it, I may toss in some Mandarin orange slices and some cashews though! Or just top it with a garnish of those.

  6. About the Asian Noodle Salad…. I think it looks wondeful and could eat it for a week, like I did Lynn’s (from WI) Pad Thai.  So,  I’m wondering the gender breakdown of your taste testers, since Ree suggests that MM considers this salad *chick food*

  7. You are way too funny sometimes! without even trying!!! Your quote reminded me of something I’m always saying to my kids. Whenever they say something goofy or funny or silly, or even really smart, I say, “It’s hard to believe you came from my loins!” Then they usually say, “Maw-aw-awm! Do you have to use that word?” And that’s, of course, the only reason I say it (to hear them say that). It takes so little sometimes….

  8. This post has it all!  Beauty, humor and a recipe to boot.  I’m smiling, because we also get in trouble by saying “potluck”.  It’s an AGAPE meal here, lol. Here’s a cupcake for the next one

  9. @hiddenart – at Sunday dinner it was two females and four males.  ALL FOUR guys had seconds or thirds on the salad.  Later my daugher-in-law an her sister sampled it.  It just depends if it is a guy inclined to like salads (thankfully mine does).To keep it real, my oldest son looked at it and wrinkled his nose!  Ha!

  10. Very funny!  I’m over here chuckling and my daughter said, “Are you looking at cakewrecks, Mama?”  I guess that shows that my chances to chuckle lately have been on the lower edge of  the intellectual spectrum.BTW, we call them “Pot Providence Suppers”. ;^)

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