Savoring Life, Wondering Child


This savoring of life is no small thing.

The element of wonder
is almost lost today
with the onslaught of the media
and gadgets
of our noisy world.

To let a child lose it
is to make him blind and deaf
to the best of life.

~ Gladys Hunt in Honey for a Child’s Heart  

I’m giving a talk on children’s literature tomorrow.  I’m thankful for the impetus to read through this excellent book again.  I buy Honey for a Child’s Heart in bulk, because it is my first choice for a baby present.  Often I mark the brand new book, noting our family’s favorites. 

Each ramble through this book resurrects moments of warmth, joy and laughter.  The deliciousness of receiving a new Little House book each birthday of my girlhood; the echoes of “keep reading” from my sons; the books that broke our heart and incapacitated us; the hide-and-seek games my oldest son and I played with the Ralph Moody books we were reading concurrently; how right it feels to have a toddler on your lap while you are both absorbed in a book.

It will be a challenge to keep this talk to one hour…


16 thoughts on “Savoring Life, Wondering Child

  1. Please, oh please, have someone record this….. I would have loved for someone to have given me a book like that  – all marked up with comments about favorites!I treasure an anthology of poems that was originally on a great aunt’s bookshelf…. just her check marks seem to tell a little story about her tastes and preferences.Also, Sherry Early’s Preschool Curriculum (Semicolon Blog) is a terrific resource for starting a home library.  That was my last baby gift, since I ran out of Wise Words by PJ Leithart πŸ™‚

  2. Aw, y’all are great encouragers.  (I love to write y’all, cuz I never say it…I’m tapping into my Southern persona =D)Dana, I’m bringing a copy of Sherry’s Picture Book Preschool with me.  I gave it to my daughter-in-law, with books starred which were available at our local library.  I need to talk with my husband about giving a copy of that to all the young moms in our church.  I think that would be an excellent investment.I don’t think it will be recorded, but I’ll probably share my notes on the blog later this week.Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. I was thinking of the listening audience in years to come.    I understand that years ago, my mother gave a talk on child-rearing before a group of young mothers at church.  I was already married and out of the house (state), but would have loved to have heard what she had to say πŸ™‚

  4. I am so interested in what you have to say.  Is there anyway you could do a live internet version with your readers at some point?  Introducing good literature to children (and parents) is to change lives forever!  Blessings on your talk.Faith Proctor

  5. @wonderloveandpraise – Steph, after reading a letter in the later edition by a mom who was raised on HFACH, I was thinking what a neat fan letter I could write to Gladys Hunt.  I was also thinking how much fun it would be to sit down over a cuppa and talk books with her.  Then I got your comment.  Cough, cough.  No, my dear pal, you HAVEN’T told me that you know Gladys Hunt!!!  Now I want to know who you DON’T know!  And I wish, oh how I wish, that the March connection would have worked.  Someday, sister, we will get together.

  6. Scott and I were on InterVarsity staff forever… she and Keith were pioneers in the movement… the rest is history!I can’t wait for that cuppa, either. Someday!! You’ve been a huge encouragement to me this year. What a wonderful blessing this crazy internet can be!HugsSteph[how we LOVED ‘the gathering storm!!!!]

  7. Carol, as expected, you presented kidlit wonderfully.  :0)  The timing couldn’t be perfect regarding youngest son, and I am looking forward to the days ahead.  Yes, we are moving on now to ‘bigger’ books ;0), but I love his guilt-free love of the ‘younger’ books.  A good story is just a good story!

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