Music, When Soft Voices Die

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory;

~ first lines from the posthumous poem
by Percy Bysshe Shelley

: : :

Music vibrating in my mind today:
Band of Brothers Main Theme

The choir sings without words.
The beauty of the interior harmony makes me ache.
I’m adding this music to pieces I play for memorial services.

Even tender-hearted (read squeamish) souls
can safely watch this video, below, in order to hear the music.
If you are a tender-hearted viewer,
I don’t recommend Band of Brothers.


9 thoughts on “Music, When Soft Voices Die

  1. Years ago while husband and sons were watching this series, I was working in the adjoining room on some graduate class material. I can remember it clearly. I heard some of the most hauntingly beautiful music from whatever they were watching (at that time I was too busy to keep up with any movies they watched). I called in to find out what the film was, hopped over to Amazon, and ordered the soundtrack straightway. Have loved it ever since and often play it as background music for my classroom students. I’ve never even watched all of the series, but if I play the music, I get misty-eyed. The effect of music…..Janie

  2. Yes, Janie, the soundtrack.  I. must. get.I fell in love with a song at the end of We Were Soldiers when I heard it played during President Reagan’s funeral.  It had the majesty and gravitas for such an occasion.  It took about three hours hunting on the internet to find the title and get the music.  Isn’t the power of music amazing?  It can evoke emotions with a few measures.

  3. I immediately tear up as soon as I hear the opening notes. It would be beautiful on its own, but it is so tied in my mind to the men of Easy Company that it evokes a visceral, emotional response.Carrie

  4. @R1R2ish – Absolutely, Ruthie.  Their ages make some possible suggestions inappropriate.  Can I think about it a bit?  And would you remind me if you don’t hear from me?  I would definitely put Albert Marrin’s books in the mix. He is especially gifted in explaining sequences and consequences in a easily understood manner.   

  5. Hi Carol,  When you say “tender-hearted” do you mean squeamish?  I am trying to get through Return from the River Kwai right now and it is so horrific that I’m disturbed in my spirit throughout the day after reading it each morning.  I can hardly wait to be done with it.  Do you really think I could watch Band of Brothers?Lovely music, by the way!

  6. @hopeinbrazil – Oh, Hope, I am SO GLAD you asked and I will clarify in the post.  All I meant is that the YouTube video with the music was OK.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Band of Brothers is difficult, horrific, exhausting and accurately reflects real war conditions.  My heart-beat is up right now!  I would have been horrified to have steered you this way in error.  Deep breaths, Carol, deep breaths.

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