This Makes Me So Happy

The sun is shining and it is 39° outside.
Warm enough to air all the bedding on the clothesline.
Freshens the bedding, freshens my spirit.
Thank you, Lord.


9 thoughts on “This Makes Me So Happy

  1. Neat perspective from underneath …. were you squatting or lying down?   I have never hung laundry on the line – outside that is.  Inside all the time.Now, will you tell me how to make that superscript for *degree*?  Thanks

  2. @hiddenart – not lying down, Dana!  The line is actually pretty high, so I just stood underneath the spread.The degree sign:  hold down the Alt key; while you are holding down down the Alt key, type 248.  It is called an Alt-Code.  Alt-130 = éAlt-142 = Ä – I have a friend named ÄnnaAlt-14 = ♫Google Alt Codes and you will find a fun world out there.  I have a print out in the top drawer of my desk.

  3. H Carol!  So glad to hear from you!  I only buy the 2% unflavored greek yogurt, and add splenda and sometimes vanilla.  But it is so luxurious with walnuts and dried pears or dates, or really any fresh fruit.  I only get it at Trader Joe’s.  I have tried the ‘greek yogurt at Raley’s and I think Safeway, and it is NOT the same.  I just read something about it being higher in protein than regular yogurt, but I haven’t checked the stats myself.  I think someone at work or in the blogworld first told me about greek yogurt.Anyways, I have to admit, that as much as I love your blog, I haven’t visited much lately.  Trying to limit my blogging a tad bit…will have to catch up with you sometime.   

  4. It was warmer than 39 here, but still cold enough to make my hands stiff as I hung our sheets and other laundry out  on the line today.  But I love line-dried laundry best, so it was sooooo worth it!

  5. Hi, Carol!  I have been praising the Lord all morning that we had enough sunshine for me to do three loads of laundry.  My situation is different from yours though since we’ve had six days of steady summer rain.  I manage to “baby through” a load of laundry each day of rainy season (hanging it under the covered laundry area), but OH HOW I LOVE THAT SUNSHINE!

  6. @dschnabel – NEVER apologize for not reading a blog.  Life is full, and I have no expectations.  I was just entering receipts into my Quicken account and realized I bought the Greek yogurt at Whole Foods.  I got the plain and like the flavor as is (which is stunning, since I have a sweet tooth).  Yet another thing to look for when I go shopping out of town.

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