Our baby Noah has pneumonia.  Noah is three weeks old today.

We had an excellent visit with Carson and Taryn and Noah which culminated in worship Sunday morning and lunch at The Cedars, my favorite Seattle restaurant (Indian/Mediterranean food).  As the day progressed Noah’s breathing became more labored.  After x-rays and blood tests, he was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia and admitted to the hospital for a few days. 

We didn’t know as we listened to a sermon on I Peter 1:3-9 that God was preparing us for a trial.  But what better words to have ringing in your ears in a moment of crisis than:

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.

Please pray for Noah’s healing and for Carson’s strength and leadership and especially, my dear friends, — especially for Taryn.  It is so hard for new moms when their baby suffers.

From the Lutheran Book of Prayer (I’ve prayed this prayer several times in the past years.  I especially appreciate the second section.):

For a Member of the Family in Danger

O God, our ever present Help in trouble,
we beseech Thee to be with us in this hour of danger and distress.
Keep us calm, confident, trustful.
Thou art with us.
See us through this trying hour.
Let us not doubt that Thou canst help to the uttermost.
O Lord, we put all our trust in Thee.

Thy will be done, O God.
Let it be a gracious will and grant us grace to believe that all is well for time and eternity.
Today we look through a glass, darkly, but there is no darkness around Thy throne.
Even in these anxious moments we praise Thee, because we put all our trust in Thee.

O Lord, uphold us.
Do not forsake us.
Look upon us in mercy and forgive us our sins.

Strengthen our faith.
Give us courage.
Keep us calm and composed.
Bring peace to our souls.
Protect our loved one and, above all, preserve us all in Thy grace
now and forevermore, for the sake of our Redeemer,
Christ Jesus, our Lord.


**UPDATE** After an uneventful day, Noah and his parents are planning on one more night in the hospital.  Things look good and, Lord willing, they will come home tomorrow.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.


13 thoughts on “Pneumonia

  1. I’ll keep Taryn and Noah in my prayers.  It was hard enough to have to put Mercy on the bilibed for three days after she was born, but was so thankful that we could do that at home.  I can’t imagine just having her and then a hospital admission.

  2. Dear Lord, hold little Noah close to You even as You hold his mom and dad in Your arms of comfort and rest. May they feel your peace as they see Your hand touching Noah with strength and health.

  3. Carol, I’m once again glad that God has this all under His control, because it’s so hard to understand how/why this kind of stuff happens. Praying for a swift recovery and that Carson and Taryn will be united in comforting each other and growing together through this. God is faithful. Love and prayers to you and Curt as well.

  4. Praying for baby Noah and for his parents and grandparents.  Praying for healing and for comfort in the little guy and those who love and care for him.  He is precious and I pray he will be home soon.

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