Best Of

I picked up a book and learned enough HTML on Saturday to add a little module on the side called Best Of.  I put  links to my favorite posts there.  When I’m new to a blog, I appreciate reading the writer’s favorites, especially if I don’t have time to scroll from the 2005 to the present.

If you need a laugh, go to the post on Millet and read the comments.  If you need a cry, go to May 7, 1968.  It’s that easy! 

Now I can add links to non-Xanga blogs.  Woohoo!

It energizes me to learn something that, at first blush, seemed so scary-hard.  I remember when I felt that way about depreciation. 


6 thoughts on “Best Of

  1. Very nice addition to your already supremely enjoyable blog.  This idea of finding things is becoming trickier and trickier.  I’m ashamed to admit that I spent too much time looking for my *new* Facebook profile pic.I knew it was *somewhere* on my hard drive!

  2. So you too have a Facebook page, Dana! And I clicked in here to comment on Carol’s post. Which is to say, good for you! I need to learn a bit of HTML and somehow manage to put it off every time. As in right now I am about to shut down and go to bed! What can I say? Dana, I know where my pictures are – that is one of the few things in my life that is organized. But I don’t have one that I want to use so I am using the same avatar there that I use in another place on the web. Piano keyboard. If I ever have a picture that I don’t want to tear up and throw in the fire I will post it.

  3. I was just thinking yesterday I should try to learn at least a little HTML.  Every time I try to post something in strikethrough font or use a bullet list, I have to google on it to find the html code.  Funny you should post this on the day I was thinking about it!Good for you.  I will enjoy reading some of the older posts I may have missed.Blessings,Sandy

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