Patience. Hope.

Preston, 10 days old       « cousins »        Noah, four days old

Patience, n. A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.
~  Ambrose Bierce

Durum!  Sed levius fit patientia
Quidquid corrigere est nefas.
~ Horace ~
This is hard indeed!
But whatever cannot possibly be amended
becomes lighter by patience.

Be patient my soul:
Thou hath suffered worst than this.
~ George Herbert

For the second time,
a planned trip to Seattle to see our little Noah
(born 12-29) has been postponed.
I told Carson, I am okay until I talk about it.
We hope for next week.

Patience.   Hope.
The stuff of life.

I don’t believe Ambrose Pierce, but he makes me laugh.
Horace is fun (and here is a quick Latin lesson:
Durum = hard, as in durum wheat or durable goods),
but Herbert hits the spot.

So this weekend, instead of holding Noah,
I’ll be printing W-2s and 1099s.
Oh joy!


7 thoughts on “Patience. Hope.

  1. I’m waiting on my forms (W-2 & 1099s) to arrive… late ordering :)My favorite mixed up definition is for *sleep* – a temporary solution to a permanent problem.Hearing that helped me to understand situations better.Praying you get to snuggle (and smell) real soon!

  2. God’s timing is perfect but waiting is hard! Peace and patience to you! You’ll get there and you will be blessed! And, a good thing, this is one time when anticipation won’t necessarily lead to disappointment! Enjoy your anticipation, have a fine weekend and then a safe and wonderful trip.

  3. Oh, that would be hard. I hope you can hold that little one soon.That picture almost makes me want another one. Almost. I can wait for grandbabies, though.Carrie

  4. Oh, I know you are so eager to hold your little one and the weather is just not cooperating — I am praying for you — for continued patience and lots of God’s hugs in the meantime — soon, Lord, soon!

  5. I just realized that I didn’t congratulate you on Preston’s birth!  Belated Blessings! I hope you get to fulfill your “Grandmotherly” longing very soon.  We too are watching the weather;  my dd has her sweet 16 party tonight and there is once again snow.  This has happened so many times over the years I’ve almost come to expect it.  The 12″ we had on the night of her birth should have portended such things.

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