Simple Pleasures in December

If you’ve been around Magistra Mater for a while,
you know how much I loathe–despise–plastic inflatable Santas.
Detesting the abominable creatures was getting a bit out of hand.

Thankfully, I’ve found something to love.
We are opposing crass ugliness with simple beauty.

A wreath with a bow

And my new favorite Christmas/Winter decoration:
a star in the window.

My friend Katie has had one of these in her window for over a year.

It reminds me of this verse:
We have seen His star and have come to worship Him.

a view from the inside


12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in December

  1. Lovely photos. …. and I so appreciate your simple pleasure commentaries.My simple pleasure…. the return of collegians after being gone from home for four months.  I’m soo happy to hug DD#3 #4 just a little longer than usual.We’re experiencing 70 degree temps for the past three days…. I think I’d rather have snow.  WAIT  I didnt really mean that.

  2. Yes, I guess that could be more effective than midnight stealth guerilla attack…tempting though it may be. No, I have no idea how your idiotic blow-up Santa got into my burn barrel.

  3. Really lovely! I have a real wreath on the inside of my door, mainly for the fragrance to fill my apartment. I also finally bought a real little tree, about 2-1/2 ft. tall which I’m enjoying a lot. It really is the little things that make us happy, isn’t it?

  4. Beautiful with the snow, wreath, star.  Our house is so similar to yours, down to the evergreen trees on the same side.One collegian home, one on the way.  Merry, Merry!

  5. Is that a Moravian Star? They do those in PA. I love them. We also hate inflatable snowmen (which is the only kind you get around here….sigh) and inflatable snowglobes (down the street) and the inflatable lighthouse with Snoopy on the top (NEXT DOOR!) I love your wreath though. Now your kinda Christmas decorations, I LOVE!

  6. That star is beautiful – I agree, we put a wreath on the door too.But, I have to admit, if I were to kick the bucket tomorrow morning, my Dh would buy a inflatable snow globe within minutes. I’m the one holding the line in the house. Shudder – they are so hideous.

  7. Hi Carol, I did the same thing — simple candles in the windows, wreathe on the door — we look like Scrooges to our neighbors, I’m sure, but I like the simplicity and the focus.

  8. @roseteacup –  I had never heard of Moravian stars?  Ours is one you would find if you googled “Paper Lantern Star”.  @mmewhinn – Mimi, under no conditions are you to die before your husband.  Hold the line, my dear, hold the line!@LaurieLH – we light candles in our window next to the sink, too.  I told my husband that our neighborhood resembles the “rich neighborhoods” in the Chicago suburbs when I was a child.  It is quite festive and bright, overkill and all. The 10 foot Grinch is the clincher. 

  9. Hi Carol,  I loved (and agreed with) your post.  Brazilians do not decorate much for Christmas so our house is always more decorated than the others, but still very modest by American standards.  We have a small tree with homemade ornaments, a wreath, a small wooden manger scene and six nutcracker “men”.   It’s partly because we move so much.  Who wants to lug a ton of stuff around that you only use once a year?!  But it’s also because I have friends who actually say they hate Christmas because of all the work it takes to get the house ready.  Yikes!  For us it takes 30 to 60 minutes each year to get out the Christmas box and distribute its contents.  I can add three hours onto that for the years I make a popcorn string for the tree.  =)

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