Copious Gifts

I’m thankful for the autumn leaves –
bronze, lime, and sunshine,
copper and cinnamon,
beet red, butter,

I’m grateful for developing lungs,
 hiccups, fingernails,
and kicking legs;
a swelling love for two babies grand
whose debut comes at Your command.

Grateful for answered prayer, O Lord;
a wedding for a special friend,
who has waited,
Her waiting has come to a glorious end!

For babies – three!
born to a mom and dad
who rejoice and give thanks
after a season of grief.

 Slanted sunshine crawls across the floor,
crackling wood heat comfort radiates,
a light, a mug,
an engaging read;
my soul is fed and nourished.

For a brother who called,
for sons who write,
a husband who husbands
with care and delight.

For sisters by blood and sisters by love,
a neighbor who weighs,
Facebook and blogs,
for friends who phone
and company who come.

Digital cameras,
Albinoni’s Adagio,
Mary Cassatt,
Winslow Homer.

Bread dough rising and
butternut squash soup.

For internet radio,
downloaded books,
nocturnal stillness
and house-creaking sounds.

Forgiveness of sins,
-and can it be?-
I swallow great gulps
of Your grace and mercy.

For older women,
balm to my heart:
Lois, the Cellist,
Frankie, Marg.

For my pastor,
 a man who faithfully prays
that we don’t lose a child,
not even one stray.

Copious gifts,
bounteous and plenitudinous,
grace upon grace,
common, sacred and mysterious.

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