Sabbath Delight

A pocket of time opened up to us yesterday.
My husband, Curt, wanted to explore an unmarked trail
which many locals seemed unaware of.

These falls were a short hike from the trail head.

Seeing deer is common.  Having one pose ten feet from the car was unusual.

A car drive with my man.

Beautiful scenery.

Soundtrack: Joe Cocker’s Greatest Hits

At the end of the day was a meeting of
The Excellent Women’s Book Club.

We discussed Sue Bender’s
Plain and Simple: A Woman’s Journey to the Amish.

It was easy to call the day a delight.


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Delight

  1. So did you actually get out of the car and walk the trail? Just wondering. I have to say you’ve got me beat for gorgeous scenery!Went to Costco yesterday w/ my sis and saw both Edgar Sawtelle and the Potato Peel Society, but resisted both till this quarter of school is over–that was HARD But DID get a new Swedish bed pillow and slept WELL last night-yay!

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