Southern CA Wedding



The mountains (when you can see them) provide a spectacular backdrop.


This vintage ice chest was packed full of chilled drinks.


Plants we never see at home: bougainvillea and bird of paradise.



Our nephew, his wife and their child.


Don’t you just love paper lanterns? I’m considering some for our patio…



7 thoughts on “Southern CA Wedding

  1. Isn’t it something how the things we take for granted, others see as novel? I see both bougainvillea and bird of paradise all the time and never think twice about them. Matter of fact, most of the time with bird of paradise, I think to myself, those are really not very attractive!Sounds like a nice time–did you drive or fly? Did your son go with you?

  2. Lovely pictures! I remember gathering Bougainvillea at my grandparent’s house in San Diego, It was SUCH a novelty, we could look through it and turn the world kind of marronish! Are the mts the Sierra-Nevadas?(I am old enough to remember getting a coke from the same kind of ice chest!)

  3. I used to play tea cups with the bouganvilla in our back yard and thought the birds of paradise ugly. Now I love them! What a lovely wedding and family. By the look of those moutains were you any where near Azusa?

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