Music Lovers, Listen Up!

Have you heard of  There is a wealth of independent music on this site.  And get this: you can listen to it for free.  I haven’t the time to explore all the details, but I really like what I’ve heard. 

I know a handful of independent musicians and the struggle it is for them to get paid for their efforts.  So I’m delighted that when I purchase a CD to download, the musician gets 50% of the money I’ve spent. 

There is a Free Song-of-the-Day you can download, if you like.

One CD I’m playing often – Dusty Porch by John Williams. Some great acoustic guitar picking, soft and just a touch sassy.  Local friends – it sounds like it could be Darrell or Craig playing.

So if you get a chance to explore let me know what you like, okay?  Please?  Thanks.


1 thought on “Music Lovers, Listen Up!

  1. That’s a great site! It would be even better if I wasn’t attached to dial up! Some beautiful stuff is on there. Thanks for the link. I haven’t had much chance to listen to a lot but there was some Welsh harp music! Lovely!  

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