Pretending is another name for dividedness, a state that keeps us from cultivating the capacity for connectedness on which good teaching depends.  When we pretend, we fall out of community with ourselves, our students, and the world around us, our of communion with the common center that is both the root and the fruit of teaching at its best. 

Community cannot take root in a divided life. 

To teach is to create a space in which the community of truth is practiced.

College motto – “The pursuit of truth in the company of friends.”

~ Parker J. Palmer


4 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. That is simple gibberish! Without pretending, invention is not possible. It is only through imagination and inspiration that discoveries are made. Pretending should not be confused with hallucinating.

  2. @karen – mea culpa for not giving more context to this quote.  This has nothing to do with imagination.  The pretending in this quote is being two-faced, acting without integrity, pretending to be one thing while being or acting another way.I’m all for the pretending that exercises the imagination.

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