Bored? Lethargic?

Today’s best quote (and it is only 7:17 a.m.) comes from a book review of Kathleen Norris’ newest book Acedia & Me.   Acedia comes from the Greek and means, literally, absence of caring.  It is also defined as spiritual torpor, ennui, apathy.  Carmen Acevedo Butcher ended her review with these words.

In the end her remedies for acedia are simple: 
Go for a walk. 
Memorize Scripture. 
Sing Psalms. 
Seek community. 
Shovel manure. 
Dust a bookshelf. 
Wash dishes. 
And be kind to one another.


2 thoughts on “Bored? Lethargic?

  1. *Bored* is a catchword for me;  as is *tired*.  I feel like those two words are overused and have encouraged my children to try and think of a different adjective which might better describe the situation or feelings.*Lethargic*, on the other hand is more meaningful, especially in a medical sense.Hope you’re having a good Tuesday…we’re getting a lot of rain….from a down-graded hurricane (fay)

  2. Thanks for this post–I needed it! Coming up on finishing this quarter at school, this is what I have to fight against during my break. Isn’t it interesting that when given the opportunity to DO SOMETHING, instead we sit !? I  have big plans to clean up around my place, too. I will copy this quote and put it up on my bathroom mirror, I think.

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