A Confession

I love to play with matches.

I love to:
    1.    light one match (preferably wooden “light anywhere”), and with that flame light a second match;    
    2.    blow the first one out (watch the smoke curlicue), light it with the second’s flame;
    3.   blow the second one out (fascinated by the smoke curlicue), light it with the first’s flame;
    4.   repeat 2. and 3. until the only place left to hold the match is the previously burned part.

The whole point about creating a lot a curlicue smoke is to cover, ahem, unpleasant odors. 

One day, years ago, our middle son casually announced at the dinner table that he discovered that Lysol is flammable.  On a visit to my sister’s house he was playing with matches, experimenting by extinguishing a match with Lysol.  To his surprise and delight, the flame flared.  He dropped the match in the toilet, filed the new fact about flammability in his head, and forgot it for a few months until it surfaced while we ate dinner.  My sister’s house never burned down. The mercy of the Lord never ceases…

After that revelation, we replaced all the matches in our bathrooms with air freshener.

Now that the same pyromaniac son has been gone from our home for five years, and we are looking for economy in every corner, the matches have re-appeared.  And I have re-discovered the simple (no longer) secret joy of playing with matches.   


8 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. Oh, my gosh, you made me laugh!!! My daughter’s boyfriend also showed me this affect w/ ant spray one time when they had a problem with fruit flies. I couldn’t believe it! Amazing. My dad bought me this expensive, fancy Zippo wand lighter, so I’ve been using that the past couple years. Too bad we live so far apart–I have 3 boxes of wooden matches I could send you! And does this mean you don’t have the Citrus Magic anymore?! I love mine 

  2. Brownian motion, hoorah!  I like to watch creamer swirl throughout the coffee.  Just as good-smelling as matches (but less likely to cover unpleasant odors), less likely to destroy property…. lol!

  3. I’m not a fan of orange-fresh, dewdrop-dazzle,mint-musing fresheners. Watching the number of people in the grocer’s freshener aisle shows that people spend an awful amount of money on fresheners…one puff – two puffs – three puffs… money puffed. One of my best friends drive around with a bag of laundry softener in her car – for a fresh/lemony/raspberry smell. What happens(ed) in the car is my question? We’ve stopped using freshners many years ago – the matches are in the bathroom due to power shortages –  maybe we must just use them for a different purpose.and we are looking for economy in every corner…In what other corners are you looking for economy? My budget…eish…one (of the many) area(s) in my life where improvement is much needed…I blame the consumer-price-index…and, amongst others, the point the finger to myself factor.

  4. Pyromaniacs Unite!Have I told you the story of lighting my elementary school on fire when I was eleven?  One more person who can say that it is the power of God who has kept them alive (-:We’re looking over the budget these days…and tightening here and there and everywhere.  Painful but important.God bless you, Carol,Di

  5. Hmmm  I’m a-wondering if maybe Middle Son may have passed such knowledge on to my Oldest Son… I remember something along the lines of spraying one’s arm….

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